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The following is a list of animals in the game Quench. Animals travel in Herds.

List of animals[ | ]

Name Description Tribe Leader
Baboons Baboons are smart, dexterous primates that use tools to achieve their goals. They are ambitious and enamored by the magic of fire, using it to stun and repel anything that threatens them. By using the power of fire they have built great things, and so they represent the voice of industry in the story of Quench. Baboon Tribe Flint
Elephants Elephants are wise and thoughtful creatures with long memories. They travel in small herds, keeping each other close to protect the group. They listen to nature’s omens and tell the stories of their ancestors, representing the voice of spirituality in the story of Quench. Because elephants stand very tall, they can walk through deep water without swimming, but are vulnerable to lightning for the same reason. Elephant Tribe Shaman
Lions Lions are strong and proud animals that value family before all other things. Lions are deadly fighters, and will attack anyone that threatens their group. Their insular and distrusting way makes them the voice of independence in the story of Quench. Unfortunately, they are poor swimmers that become panicked by deep water. Lion Tribe Hunter
Smokebeasts Smokebeasts have invaded the world in the game Quench and contain mysteries that need to be unlocked. They are led by Relic. Smokebeasts Relic
Springboks Springbok are quick, excitable and easily spooked. Springbok are the voice of youth in the story of Quench, always charging headlong into danger and learning quickly from their mistakes. When threatened, Springbok fan out and take flight to escape, making them hard to catch. However, they are easily exhausted by the forces of weather and hunger if not provided for regularly. Springbok Tribe Headlong
Wildebeest Wildebeest are stoic and stubborn. When threatened, they would rather charge through a known danger than face an unknown path. Their unyielding manner lends them the voice of tradition in Quench. When the herd faces dangers, Wildebeest will stubbornly ignore them and continue onward. They travel in large herds and are able to brave the worst of weather with their thick hides and seemingly endless endurance. Wildebeest Tribe Grizzle
Zebras Zebra Tribe Switchback

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